Bluestone Pavers in Perth

Bluestone is a volcanic rock that is extremely hard and durable, which makes it an excellent choice for paving applications. The colour of the stone varies, and the price is determined partially on the colour factor. In most cases, the blue/grey type of bluestone is slightly more expensive than the flat grey stone. The surface of the stone is often rough, but it can be smoothed out and polished. The Bluestone contains small air holes along the surface that were made when the hot volcanic rock cooled off. Although some types of the stone are very small and do not have these holes, this might actually be a disadvantage as it is often too plain for some applications. A Bluestone that contains a pattern of marginally larger holes running through the tiles is generally considered especially attractive, and these types of Bluestone have the nickname of “cats paw”. The thickness of the stone helps to determine how long it will last after it has been put into position. Bluestone pavers are excellent for driveway, patio and pool area applications. The 30 millimetre thick bluestone pavers are the best for general landscaping and 60mm thickness for driveways because its additional thickness accommodates for contraction and expansion.

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