Sandstone Pavers in Perth

If you have ever walked on a unique, stone pathway and wondered about its construction, it was probably made of sandstone. This sedimentary rock consists of hard-packed minerals and sand grains formed into a paver shape. Sandstone pavers in Perth are essentially 30mm thick that you can use in several garden applications.

Natural Stone Paving is a supplier of sandstone pavers in Perth. They are created through several manufacturing processes that incorporate pressure and heat to adhere the rock grains together. Their thin shape makes them more versatile in the garden and easier to install for the do-it-yourself homeowner.

Decorate walls with sandstone pavers by simply gluing them in a particular pattern. Most pavers are used as pathways, driveways or accent pieces around the garden. You fill an excavated area with levelled and compacted gravel or pebbles. With a prepared surface, you lay the pavers side-by-side, allowing slight gaps between each paver. Fill the gaps with fine sand and compact the area repeatedly until you have a continuous surface.

Choose among dozens of different sandstone paver colours to complement your home. A proper paver installation creates a neat and elegant aesthetic in your garden for visitors to enjoy. Whether the pavers are on the ground or decorating an adjacent wall, they invite visitors to follow them and highlight your garden. Your home’s curb appeal is greatly enhanced if you see the sandstone pavers from the road. If you are selling the home, pavers may entice buyers to come inside for a quick look around.

Although thin, properly installed pavers last for many years. For pathway applications, your weight is distributed across all the pavers because of the sand-filled gaps. As you put your foot on the paver surface, pavers, sand and hidden gravel support your weight because it is effectively one connected entity.

Take a look at your options for sandstone pavers in Perth. Select a natural sand colour to complement your green plants, for example. You want your yard to appear natural, especially if you have prized plants and trees dotting your property. Contact the team at Natural Stone Paving for more information on sandstone pavers in Perth.