Stone Cladding

Stone Cladding and Stack Stone in Perth

Stone cladding is a narrow layer of actual or simulated stone that is applied to a structure composed of a material other than stone. It is occasionally applied to steel and concrete structures as an element of their original design. Often, cladding refers to products that have a concrete style base and are made of lightweight simulated stone. These products are frequently fitted to lightweight substrates to lessen the construction materials expense. On the other hand, cladding can be a natural stone that is cut into fine pieces to lessen weight since natural stone cladding usually requires mechanical fixing to bond to substrates. There are several different types of cladding options available to fit a variety of garden and home decorations. Examples include Moon River, Golden Rustic, Rock Rustic, Stone Mosaic, Cozy Flat, Royal Marble, Charcoal Grey and Stack Stone Corner.

Stone cladding is an excellent feature for your home and garden because it adds character to traditional siding such as aluminium, vinyl, wood and stucco. As opposed to natural stone, it is available in a wide selection of colours and designs, which provides more design choices than other masonry cladding at a reduced price! As a fantastic bonus, when it is added to vinyl siding, there is practically zero maintenance to perform. Therefore, it is a practical means to enhance the interior of your home and create warmth in the garden and other outside areas.

Natural Stone Paving is a leading stone importer and wholesaler offering stack stone and stone cladding in Perth. In addition to these products, we offer granite pavers, sandstone pavers, bluestone pavers, letterbox and more. Stone has a unique aspect where it can be transformed into a variety of fantastic products and works of art, including statues, fountains, tiles and mosaics. Natural Stone Paving’s enthusiasm for stone products comes from our sentiment that stone creations result from the combination of nature’s beauty and the amazing talent of people. We offer quality products and excellent service at a reasonable price, and we would be delighted to help you with your next project or renovation with our quality stone products. When requiring stone cladding in Perth, be sure to contact Natural Stone Paving!

Size: 600x150x15-35mm Available in Malaga Warehouse.

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