Granite Pavers in Perth

Granite Pavers in Perth can give a landscape that touch of rustic elegance that can make it the talk of the neighbourhood. But why granite as opposed to any other type of stone?

While other types of stone can be used for hard scaping, granite is singular for its toughness and durability. That’s because granite is a stone that was formed millions of years ago in the depths of volcanoes and can stand pressures of up to 20,000 per square inch. If cared for properly, granite can take hundreds of years to weather. Granite is made up of crystals of quartz and feldspar and other dark coloured minerals like hornblende and black mica. These dark minerals stand out beautifully against light coloured granite though granite can come in a surprising array of colours.

Granite pavers are blocks or slabs that are laid down on a prepared ground to provide a hard surface. Granite pavers can be split or given a saw-rubbed face for paving. The thicknesses of the slabs are usually about 30 millimetres. The granite pavers can be of uniform size or different sizes for variety. Granite pavers can also be of different shapes, and it takes a bit of skill to lay them in a way that makes them look both aesthetically pleasing and prevents weeds from growing between them.

Natural Stone Paving are the premiere wholesalers and importers of granite pavers in Perth. They pride themselves on the beauty, quality, durability and competitive prices of their stone. Among the types of granite they offer are sesame white granite, golden yellow granite, lotus red and juparana grey granite. The stone masons at Natural Stone Paving are also pleased to custom cut their client’s pavers for them. Because granite is a natural stone, every paver is unique and will look different from stones in photographs. It pays for a potential customer to come to the showroom and see the stone for themselves.

For more information on Natural Stone Paving’s variety of granite pavers in Perth, give us a call on 08 9249 5563