1.Natural Pebbles and Granite Steppers:

Colour: Yellow,special price:$10/per 10kg bag.

Granite Steppers:600x300x30mm:$15 per piece

Pebbles and Stepping stone

2.Letterbox Promotion ,from $120/ per letterbox (Natural Stone Letterbox) SOLD OUT.

3.Bullnosed Coping(factory seconds): 1200x350x30mm $19/pc. SOLD OUT.

4.Stepping stones (600x300x30mm,factory seconds):

from $9 per piece (SOLD OUT)

5.Reconstituted Limestone Pavers :

$35/m2 size:400x400x40mm,

$38/m2 size:600x300x40mm

Reconstituted  limestone pavers

6.Aggregated Stone Pavers :

$59/m2 size:400x400x40mm, $63/m2 size:600x300x40mm

Aggregated stone pavers


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